(KPL) Lao Statistics Bureau (LSB) in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and Statistics Korea hosted a regional consultation on census metrology aimed at strengthening the capacity of countries that have recently conducted or plan to conduct a traditional population and housing census in the 2020 census round.

Held in Vientiane Capital from Aug 29-30, 2018, the consultation was attended by almost 25 representatives of managers and technical staff from national statistical offices from Cambodia, Laos, Bhutan, Pakistan, Vietnam and the Republic of Korea.

The census is a key source of population data required for national and sub-national planning and decision-making. It is one of the largest statistical exercises countries under take. As such, a census requires adequate preparation in terms of human resources, technologies, budget and logistics. In the 2010 round of population census, 214 countries or areas out of 235 conducted a census, enumerating 6.4 billion people, representing 93 % of the world population.

“Having high quality and reliable data is very important for planners, policy makers and other data users. The result from the census 2020 round will give us updates on the outcome indicators and targets of the national Socio-Economic Development Plan as well as input for the 9th NSEDP of Lao PDR,” said Mr Samaichan Bhoupha.

Subjects of discussion for the workshop were: the pace, at which new methods and technologies in census exercise are emerging, which can be both an opportunity and a threat to the success of a census and assessing the quality of population and housing census data as an integral part of the census operation.

“As one of the large statistical source in ten years, the 4th population housing census in 2015 provided inclusive data on women in reproductive age, including adolescent girls. It helped UNFPA and partners to better address the issues and to respond through targeted interventions,” said Ms Frederika Meijer, UNFPA’s Representative in the Lao PDR.

“The result of the 2020 Population Census will help us all to track and monitor the progress of the development efforts that contribute to the national sustainable development goals,” she added.


Source: KPL


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