Shanghai tower at night on July 20 2018 (photo by Khamla) 

By Khamla Phanouvong

(KPL) A group of journalists from Asia and Africa was organised a trip to Shanghai to experience the height of Shanghai Tower, a leisure walk along Shanghai Nanjing Road, which is the main shopping street of Shanghai, and a cruise on the Yangtze River.

Tourists walk on Shanghai Nanjing Road, the main shopping street of Shanghai (Photo by Khamla) 


The media trip, organised by the China Asia Pacific Press Centre and the China Africa Press Centre, gave us luck. Shanghai is recognised as the number one city of financial service and robust economy in China.

We stayed at a hotel not far from the Nanjing Road – the busiest road, usually flooded with tourists.

A long time ago, Shanghai was just a fishing town but time has completely changed this town into a modern city for China. Some have said that the development in Shanghai equals to New York.

The weather in Shanghai is not too hot because the city is located along a coastline where wind usually blows away heat from visitors. This is a clean city.

Solomon Elusoji, a young journalist from Nigeria who also joined the trip said that Shanghai is amazing. It is definitely the best city he has ever been to in China.

“I like the city’s energy, in particular. I have also observed that Shanghai government officials are very proud of what the city has achieved in recent decades. I look forward to returning to Shanghai,” Elusoji said.

“I also enjoyed skywalk on the top of Shanghai Tower and seeing the collourful cityscape at night,” an Egyptian reporter Hazem Samir said.  



Source: KPL


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