Vientiane summer school, training in the use of song in language classes at Vientiane Plaza

(KPL) The summer of 2018 will have been very eventful for teachers and students in the French-speaking bilingual sector: animation, meetings, training and departure in France for 10 of them thanks to the linguistic internship scholarships of the French Embassy.

Set up in the Lao public education system with the support of the French government in 1995, the Bilingual Classes Excellence Scheme continues to attract more than 3,000 students every year, from primary to secondary schools, distributed in 13 schools (3 in Vientiane, 4 in Luang Prabang, 3 in Savannakhet and 3 in Pakse).

In July, 97 teachers benefited from several pedagogical and linguistic trainings: consolidation of French language skills in order to pass a DELF certification, integration of the song in class to learn French and training in the use of IF Profs, a collaborative platform for teachers of and in French around the world.

Teachers who are members of IF Profs Laos now have access to thousands of educational resources and can contact French-speaking teachers around the world.

In August, four teachers and six students received a training grant from the French government to attend four weeks of training at CAVILAM Vichy.

They all have wonderful memories of their stay: the food, the discovery of the volcanoes of Auvergne, the summer atmosphere of the cities, the meeting with people from all over the world and exciting courses.

The 4 teachers and 6 students of the bilingual classes benefiting from the linguistic internship scholarships at the airport and in France


Source: KPL


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