(KPL) Deputy Prime Minister Somdy Douangdy has attended the 15th China-ASEAN Expo held in Nanning, China’s Guangxi Province between Sep 12 and 15.

Addressing the opening session of the expo on Sep 12, Mr Somdy said that this China-ASEAN Expo is supportive to the new road of the 21st century innovation to promote China and ASEAN and the celebration of the year of strategic partnership between China and ASEAN.

“The application of innovative and high technology has played an important role in manufacturing, trade and driving economic growth in the region. ASEAN has made fundamental preparations focusing on promoting small and medium enterprises using innovative and modern technology to cut production costs, ensuring production can be prompt and environmental friendly,” said Vice Premier Somdy.

ASEAN leaders adopted this year Declaration on Innovation and are revisiting their preparedness to launch the fourth industry.

In adjusting itself to the era of industry 4.0 globalization, the Lao PDR has devised a national strategic plan and an action plan on science and technology development, along with legal instruments, pushing human resource development and cooperation with international community on areas aligned with the strategy and policy of the government.

Mr Somdy highlighted development gap among new and old ASEAN members in terms of economic development and production infrastructure saying that the Lao PDR and its ASEAN neighbours still face development challenges, innovative entrepreneurs are limited in number, and this needs China and other partners to continue to provide assistance to the Lao PDR and other ASEAN member states.

More than 80 companies and entrepreneurs from Laos were represented at the China-ASEAN Expo. Most of them were wooden furniture and carving product makers. The expo drew companies and entrepreneurs from ASEAN and countries along silk roads.

“China will work with the ASEAN to upgrade a strategic partnership and build a closer community of a shared future,” Chinese Vice-Premier Han Zheng said at the opening ceremony of the 15th China-ASEAN Expo on Wednesday.

China welcomes ASEAN countries aboard the express train of China’s economic development, Han said, and will share the dividends of economic growth with ASEAN.

Han also announced that China will work with ASEAN to upgrade the China-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement signed in 2004 and accelerate talks for the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.

Themed around Silk Road civilization and China-ASEAN cooperation, the 15th CA-Expo opening ceremony was held on Wednesday’s morning at the Nanning International Convention & Exhibition Center.

The ceremony saw representatives from attending countries and organizations, and Tanzania, invited as it was the first African country to join the Belt and Road initiative.



Source: KPL


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