(KPL) Samsung Tech Institute 2018 announced on Friday Loguide App as the winner of the project themed “Promoting Tourism in Laos”.

Loguide App has been developed by a group of year-two students from the Faculty of Engineering, National University of Laos, to help promote tourism in Laos.

There was only one prize available for Samsung Tech Institute 2018 competition. The winner was awarded 8 million kip as a prize.

The project was organised by Lao Samsung Electronics under the Samsung Tech Institute Project to provide Lao student with opportunities to develop an app to help facilitate the inflow of foreign visitors thus promoting tourism industry in Laos.

“The Samsung Tech Institute Project is designed to make students and teachers realise the importance of developing smart-phone applications,” said Mr Kyung Muk Kim, Lao Samsung Electronics.


Source: KPL


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