(KPL) Hohai University of China in cooperation with the Industry and Commerce Bank of China Vientiane Branch and the National University of Laos held the 4th “World Water Valley” Forum in Vientiane on 24 November 2018.

The “World Water Valley” Forum is an annual academic conference organised by Hohai University of China. It is an activity for communicating and sharing experiences among scholars, government offices and all colleagues.

Acting President of the National University of Laos, Prof. Dr. Somsy Gnophanxay, President of Hohai University, Prof. Xu Hui, Executive Dean of the World Water Valley Institute of Hohai University, Prof. Huang Dechun, scholars, government officails, colleagues, business people from Laos and China as well as representatives from Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam attended the forum.

Discussion at the forum focused on issues of water education, water science, water economy, water culture, the Belts and Road Initiative, Lancang-Mekong Cooperation, overseas China, innovation and entrepreneurship, and firm cross-border cooperation.

The forum aims at opening up a new pattern with multi-subject, multi-level and multi-form exchanges and cooperation.

“This forum is of importance for the cooperation on water resource among Lancang-Mekong countries,” said Prof. Dr. Somsy Gnophanxay. “Water is the source of life and the pillar of civilization of human societies. Throughout the history, new means and methods have been devised to secure water for agriculture, drinking, bathing, transport and economic development.”

On the sidelines of the event, the National University of Laos signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Hohai University to deepen cooperation between the two institutes.

The first “World Water Valley” Forum was held in Naning, the second in Sichuan and the third in Shenxhen in China.


Source: KPL


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