(KPL) Last year witnessed a reduction in mother mortality rate to 129 from 151 recorded in 2017, according to a report of the Ministry of Health.

“We record a lower mother mortality rate because mother healthcare is more accessible and more mothers realise the importance of prenatal care and giving births at hospitals,” said Dr Nao Boutta, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health. 

“The government has emphasized health care as a priority task in its National Socio-Economic Development Plan, focusing on ensuring people in remote areas access health services,” said Minister of Health Bounkong Sihavong.

At the annual meeting of the public health sector held on Feb 26, the Minister of Health Bounkong Sihavong urged health workers and village volunteers nationwide to increase the quality of mother and child healthcare services, making sure they can deliver better health services.

Source: KPL


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